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DFI designs new prototypes for Bus & Seat Design

The bus is a high-end luxury inter-state family bus that is designed for JCBL .It stands out as a superior product that is distinctive and redefines luxury coaches. The design and styling focuses on trust-pertaining to safety, reliability, robustness and luxur... Read more

Hide and Seek Soft Wall

It\\\’s a challenge to store magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, brochures etc anywhere, whether in homes, offices or commercial spaces. The Hide and Seek Soft Wall which can be made in the form of free standing units too , is basically upholstered and cu... Read more

The Grain Bag

Almost 25% of food grain is spoiled during storage in India. Most current storage solutions are capital intensive and hard to implement in a short time span. The client wanted to create a pesticide-treated grain storage solution that could be implemented with ... Read more

NSU Brown Hall Final Model

A three month long study model of Norfolk State’s New Brown Hall for Work Program Architects. Almost all of the model was hand cut with some use of a laser cutter and 3d printed elements. To recreate the black box blue glowing surface the model form was buil... Read more

Murano Glass Architecture

After Visiting a Murano Glass Factory we designed spaces made from glass. The following project was inspired by hollow glass beads used for jewelry but on a larger scale where the densest beads are the foundation with light large and thin beads on top.

after Piano Nobile

How do you fortify a building against the extreme water fluctuations of Venice and view aqua alta as an opportunity verse an inconvenience? Using Palazzo Grimiani as a model I hope to create an exhibition space that demonstrates conservations methods of preser... Read more

Hard/Soft Surface Model Study

The project was the make a hut out of hard and soft surface piece for four occupants that could colapse and be packed. To begin my study I did a series of different paper folds and geodesic studies as a starting point to design a final product. I used intersec... Read more

Tension Drum Tent

I present two different huts with similar qualities but different with different programs and forms. There are three concepts that drove the design. The idea of a quick and simple assembly, using a center pole to support and raise the structure in one straight... Read more

Tension Drum Tent Models

The final projects for my 3020 studio was to create a hard and soft surface structure for two sites: Schoodic Point and Cow Island. Both areas are located in the coastal area of Maine. The general program was a learning space for children. All Projects had to ... Read more

Vortex Competition

In a school-wide competition, we were given the task to”fix” the Rivanna River. Our solution was a fluctuating screen that dips and rises in a dynamic relationship with the river. The screen filters the water, renewing the environment and also creates area... Read more


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